Pursuing photography as a profession can be satisfying and demanding at the same time. Like any other profession, it is imperative to spend a considerable amount of time acquiring some essential skills for this competitive market. This career offers plenty of options and choices when it comes to specialisation. Here are some types of photography to consider as a career option.

Fashion Photography

Fashion is one of the most competitive branches of photography. The competitive nature of this type of photography makes it quite hard to break into, and make a name for yourself. One can start by working as a freelancer, or you can be employed by magazines, retail outlets, or catalogues, to mention a few. To be a distinguished fashion photographer, you need creativity and imagination, and always have to be up-to-date with latest fashion trends to bring something new and stunning on the table.

Nature Photography

Nature photography involves capturing images of everything to do with nature. Nature photography in itself can be quite broad with some photographers choosing to specialise in different types of natural subjects. It can be quite exciting and can take you to fascinating places. Patience is vital in this specialisation, as it could take you years before being able to capture the perfect shot.


Photojournalism is a type of photography used to tell a news story. Unlike other types of photography, photojournalists must comply with strict rules and requirements. Also, making a name in this industry might require you to travel to multiple locations, and even put yourself in life-threatening situations.

Besides the genres highlighted above, you can also specialise in forensics, food, or real estate photography. The common denominator in all these types of photography is that you need to keep refining your photography skills, and at the same time, invest in the best photography equipment.