A camera lens is a fundamental camera accessory. Every photographer would love to use the best lens any day. Unfortunately, getting the best lens is not always a possibility for most photographers especially those that are just starting out. Considering that pro-quality optics are never cheap, you should consider buying second-hand lenses at a bargain.

You need to be extra cautious when shopping for a second-hand lens. Here are some valuable tips to use when buying a used camera lens:

  • Inspect the outer casing:

You need to look for any signs of damage in the outer casing. As a tip, do not be put off by minor scratches or dents in the housing considering that a sturdy camera lens is built to last. Scratches and dents only mean that the unit has had a life – you need to look beyond the outer appearance.

  • Examine the outer parts of the lens:

Inspecting the exterior parts of the lens entails looking for dents or uneven edges, which might affect the quality of your photos. As a tip, never buy a lens that is dented on the outside.

  • Look through the lens:

Looking through the lens serves to check for dirt or any foreign elements in the lens. This is important considering that dirt on the outer parts of the lens might require a professional technician to have it removed.

  • Move the barrel:

Part of the inspection process might require you to move the barrel especially when buying zoom lenses. Ensure that the elements do not wiggle as it could significantly have an impact on the quality of your photos in future.

You can either by used camera lens from friends, online auction sites, or even from a photography shop. However, it is imperative to stick to due diligence on your part by implementing the tips shared above to avoid making a regrettable decision.